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Bring Black History, Art, and Culture to Life

We believe Black history, art, and culture makes each of our lives richer, happier, and certainly more fun!


Black history, art, and culture. We need your help to continue telling stories.

Every day at the Black History Museum we tell stories every day about Black history, art, and culture. Why? Because we know our history is deeper, richer, and more significant than a handful of dates and events than you learned about in school. The Black History Museum offers a dynamic multi-dimensional learning experience which includes history and art exhibitions, community conversations, literary presentations, social gatherings, documentary screenings, historic portrayals, and cultural activities. Then we partner with other organizations to broaden our reach and make Black history, art, and culture even more meaningful and memorable. But we can't continue to do this without your help.

The concerts jazz also benefit Trumpeting for the Arts, an organization focusing on the importance that music plays in the life and learning of youth. Their mission is to support students through the purchase and distribution of musical instruments, mentoring young musicians, and introducing students to a world of music they may not otherwise experience. These performances are the perfect example of connections that Trumpeting for the Arts loves to make.

The concert is free on the BHMVA Facebook page, however, we ask that you please make a donation that is at least comparable to the ticket price of a live concert of this caliber. However, all donations regardless of amount are needed and certainly welcomed. Proceeds will benefit these two worthy organizations - the Black History Museum and Trumpeting for the Arts as they keep Black heritage alive for all of us.

Many thanks and much appreciation is extended to 725 Arts & Culture along with the Pro Team for the promotion and production of this concert as well as providing us with this fundraising opportunity!

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